The company was founded in 1838 when the metallurgical industry was established in Węgierska Górka. On the turn of the century XIX/XX company transformed into foundry of cast iron.

1838 Establishment of steel plant
1860 The begining of foundry in casting iron production (pipe's pouring)
1926 Set in motion of pipes' production pipe ø1200 length 5m
1945 Establishment of "Fabryka Armatury i Odlewnia Węgierska Górka" - Fittings and Foundry Factory"
1975 Set in motion of automatic line DISAMATIC
2000 Purchase by CF2M Groupe - assumed the name  "The METALPOL  - Węgierska Górka - Ltd. Co"
2000 - 2003 Restructuring of foundry
2005 Double quantity of production, the achievement of full capacity production
2006 The new investment in horizontal moulding line
2010 Management buyout of 100% of METALPOL shares.
2018 Set in motion of automatic line LORAMENDI with vertical mould partition


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